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Oval Resin Display Plinths - 25mm tall

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25mm high Oval resin display plinths, cast in strong and stable black pigmented resin. Every effort has been taken to remove bubbles, after casting each plinth has been machined to ensure the top and bottom surfaces are parallel and true. I inspect each plinth and fill and sand any imperfections, although sometimes I miss things.

Sizes I am currently producing are based off of the popular oval sizes used in tabletop gaming figures. The finished height is approximately 25mm once machined (this height can vary marginally plinth to plinth) You can find printable diagrams of each oval size here


Due to the amount of resin required to produce these plinths they will be cast to order. This can mean a lead time of up to a week dependant on quantities. I would always recommend ordering ahead of time if you require them for a competition. I will always strive to cast items immediately and aim to get orders out the next day. 

Your plinths may arrive in a sanded and prepared state, each and every plinth I cast is meticulously inspected for imperfections these are then filled and sanded out. 


Prior to use it is recommended to clean each piece is warm soapy water to remove residue release agent. Persistent release and silicone residue will remove with spirit based fluid, I recommend white spirit and an old tooth brush. Wash in water after using spirit based cleaners. If any small bubbles are present they can be filled with superglue applied from a pin tip and sanded back. I would always recommend spraying your plinth in a flat coat of black to even out the colour.