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Plinth Inserts

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We now offer the option to purchase pre-inserted magnets or screw inserts. We use N52 high grade neodymium magnets and M4 screw inserts. These are pressure fitted into the underside of your chosen plinth prior to shipping. We will insert a suitable amount of magnets for each plinth ranging from 2-4 and test the hold on a metal surface. Two screw inserts will be supplied with 16mm Flanged button screws and a hex key.

Although we are confident inserts will not pull out under normal loads, extreme loads may dislodge them. We do not guarantee the safety of your miniatures during transport and always recommend using a secondary (backup) fixing method. We recommend using magnet board for maximum attraction, such as this product from The Metal Store. Screw fixings are designed to be fixed through a shelf of metal, plastic or wood within your case. Screws can work loose over time due to vibration hence why a secondary fixing method is recommended.

Each purchase is for one set of inserts (either screw or magnet) for one plinth. If you have multiple plinths you require these for, then a number equal to the number of plinths should be ordered. Please note in the comments section of your basket any special requirements for which inserts for which plinths etc.


Yes you can and it is one way of ensuring the safe transport of your plinth. Please purchase one of each insert option and add a note to your order saying this is what you require. 


As there are so many different sizes of plinth in the store which all require a varied number of magnets (you'll always get two screw inserts) we have simply evened out the cost for ease. The process is still the same regardless and we hope we have accounted for this accordingly. 


These inserts are an add-on only item and must be purchased with a plinth. If you forget to add these to an order please get in touch and we can make that amendment our end. 


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