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Backdrop Resin Display Plinths

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Resin backdrop resin display plinths, as first featured in Cult of Paints Deorgard Kickstarter. Each plinth has been cast in a durable black resin and has been machine sanded on the rear face to ensure a true backdrop. I inspect each plinth and fill and sand any imperfections, although sometimes I miss things. 

There is currently three sizes of backdrop plinth available, two are 50mm deep by 50mm high in 50mm or 65mm wide blocks with a 80mm backboard. These two are ideal for smaller miniatures. The larger size measure 75mm deep by 55mm high and 75mm wide with a 123mm backboard, perfect for larger displays, figures and busts. 

Find a helpful scaled printout of both profiles HERE


Due to the amount of resin required to produce these plinths they will be cast to order. This can mean a lead time of up to a week prior to shipping. I would always recommend ordering ahead of time if you require them for a competition. I will always strive to cast items immediately and aim to get orders out the next day. 

Your plinths may arrive in a sanded and prepared state, each and every plinth I cast is meticulously inspected for imperfections these are then filled and sanded out. 


Prior to use it is recommended to clean each piece is warm soapy water to remove residue release agent. Persistent release and silicone residue will remove with spirit based fluid and an old tooth brush. Wash in water after using spirit based cleaners. If any small bubbles are present they can be filled with superglue applied from a pin tip and sanded back. I would always recommend spraying your plinth in a flat coat of black to even out the colour.


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Choking hazard. Not meant for children 16 years or younger.
Every effort is taken to prevent bubbles, although time to time some small bubbles will remain. Supplied unpainted