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Knowledge 1/10 Scale Bust

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Knowledge is one of two in a new line of art busts, this 1/10 scale multi part polyurethane resin kit was sculpted by Phil Hosking. Measuring approximately 90mm tall assembled on the plinth

Comes supplied with a custom fit black resin plinth. This piece also features a clear resin component to add a whole host of painting possibilities. This clear piece will require un-frosting, this can be achieved by finely sanding any imperfections away then applying a coat of sprayed gloss lacquer/varnish or a coat of AK Gauzy agent. Spare clear components are available to order if you wish to try different approaches.

Concept / Production - Taro Modelmaker

Sculpting / Illustrations - Phil Hosking

Box Art - Phil Pryce 


This first run will be limited to 200 units, each of these first 200 units will arrive with a limited edition laminated art card measuring 100mm x 70mm. 


Supplied unpainted and unassembled, split lines and risers will require removing. Prior to use it is recommended to clean each piece in warm soapy water to remove residue release agent. Persistent release and silicone residue will remove with spirit based fluid and an old tooth brush. Wash in water after using spirit based cleaners. Parts can be manipulated by gently heating with a hairdryer. Glues with superglue.  

Your plinths may arrive in a sanded and prepared state, each and every plinth I cast is meticulously inspected for imperfections these are then filled and sanded out. It is recommended to spray in flat coat of black to even out colour finish.