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What's been going on with TaroModelmaker lately?? if you're interested...

Posted by james taro on

So what's been going on with Taro lately I hear you screaming!!… no? oh well I'll tell you anyway. 

So after the huge success of my trip to Chicago's Adepticon a little over a month ago I flew back to the UK to realise I couldn't bare going to back to work at my job (granted I was only working two days a week but even that was to much) So I quit! Running this store is now my full time job and I couldn't be happier!! So a massive thank you to every single one of you that has supported me over the years. 

This means I am dedicating 100% of my creative ability to growing this store, its product and SO much more. All those plans and ideas I have been holding onto will now happen. I have just spent the past two weeks doing a huge restock of the store and will continue to do so to ensure you can all get what you want when you want it. It is currently still just me doing everything but I have the occasional hand from my ever supportive wife and family. TBH at present I am more than happy with the workload but lets see how that may change as it grows.

You may have noticed the new Armiger talon arm in the store and I have just added a load of new plinth designs and that's just the start!! There is tons on my bench so expect a lot more... and soon! 

So thank you again

Taro out!


  • Hey Taro! Any chance of chaos style fingers being made available for the thunderstrike? I’d love to get my hands on more spiked fingers as i have a bunch of loyalist kits that im converting to chaos but in a very “clean” black legion way.

    Also, any interest in the old fashioned box dreadnought? Id love to see a modular, simple kit i could use as a less mutated chaos dread.

    Congrats on making the jump to full time my dude!!

    Michael on

  • Awesome! Best of luck. I’ve just started some projects that I was already planning on using your stuff for, adding more to the cart for that extra early support.

    TichePotato on

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