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Posted by james taro on

Don’t worry this is a positive post I promise! At the end of last year my family and I decided it was time to sell up and move to pastures new. Of course the process has been anything but smooth, BUT by the 25th of July we “should” be at long last moving!!

So what does this mean for the store? Along with our house move I will be moving the business and workshop to a much needed bigger space. Plus as we are moving halfway up the country that commute would be killer. As you can appreciate there is a lot of logistics to consider along with physical stuff to move.

The plan as it stands is to cease shipping from 17th July until probably the second week of August. You can still place orders in the store but nothing will ship until I can arrange internet and mail collections. Only items held in stock will be order-able, this will include some plinths that I have left from show stock.

I have been frantically over stocking the store to ensure enough is at hand to see me through... hopefully. This has been quite the challenge with the release of 10th, but YAY for Knights being top tier again (quite right too!!) If everyone could keep their fingers crossed for a smooth transition for my family and I we would be most grateful. I cannot wait to have a bigger workspace and get back to designing new parts for you all. With a bit of luck I should be up and running again in no time and hopefully you’ll hardly notice I was gone.

So to reiterate No orders will ship between 17th July - “mid” august but hopefully sooner Thank you all again for the incredible support you have shown me and the store. I am so very excited for this next chapter and have plenty yet to come


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