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Disruption to Service

Posted by james taro on

As always seems to be the case the new year has brought with it disruptions, some of them out of my control.

Firstly as some some of you may have spotted by my Instagram story I got a lovely new compressor for the workshop. This was a necessity as the previous one died last week and apparently you can't buy spare parts for it. Luckily I wanted to upgrade to a better model so this was well timed... although it turns out getting hold of a new fuse to handle the additional load is harder than expected. I have one on order which will hopefully arrive by wed. Until then i am unable to restock any items or cast plinths for orders. If you have placed a plinth order we aim to shop it by Thursday (19th) 

Secondly because Royal Mail are apparently incompetent and cannot settle these Union issues not only have they been facing rounds of strikes. At the end of last week their international service was hit by a Cyber attack (of course no way related to the disagreements with the unions...) so they have suspended international service until this issue is resolved. If you have placed an order from anywhere outside the UK your order will still be packed, but will unfortunately not be shipped for a few days until they resolve this issue. 

Apparently Blue Monday is a thing and today is indeed suppose to be the most miserable day of the year. So I hope all this gets resolved soon and you all make it through the day. 


UPDATE: The new compressor is up and running! Yay! Casting and plinth production can resume



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