Covid19 Update

Posted by james taro on

Hi everybody!

As you may well have noticed I recently closed the store for the past couple of weeks as a precaution in result of the covid pandemic. My wife works for the NHS and has fallen ill with possible symptoms. Although both the doctors and ourselves thought it most likely to be exhaustion induced tonsillitis we wanted to play it safe.  

My wife is now well and planning on returning to work tomorrow. Myself and the kids have had the odd mild symptom but nothing really untoward. As such I have decided to reopen the store and in the meantime play each day as it comes, throughout the rest of this pandemic. 

I am due a delivery of new printed parts tomorrow and have the new plinths very close to hitting the store. So expect plenty of new items to land soon. 

Thank you all for your ongoing support and well wishes, i hope you and all your families are staying safe..... and of course getting plenty of hobby done. 



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