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Covid Update following Gov announcement

Posted by james taro on

As of 31st October the UK government has announced the UK is to enter a nationwide lockdown as of Thursday 5th November. While this sounds like a dramatic change it is in fact going to have very little effect on the running of my store or indeed my day to day life. 

We have been told to continue working if we cannot work from home so I will still be travelling to my day job and my children will be continuing to go to school. I will still be able to post parcels as all post offices will remain open. 

I have always and will continue to adhere to Covid safe working procedures within my store. This includes the use of PPE and washing and sanitising regularly. Being a one man band working from a small workshop of my own this is easy to maintain. 

I'm looking forward to continuing to being you fantatstic add ons for all your miniature needs. Remember to stay safe and use this time to get extra hobby done.  


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