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Titan Bases - Prepared MDF

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The range of 28mm resin titan kits have been distinctly lacking in basing options and hopefully that will now changed. These bases/plinths have been CNC machined from moisture stable MDF and treated in a multi-layer primer coating. Meaning they are ready to model upon, drill, mount to and paint. 

The range currently has 5 options available The Warlord (375mm x 480mm x 18mm Oval), The Reaver (Fits Warmonger - 280mm x 420mm x 18mm Oval), The Warhound (300mm x 18mm Circle) and The Acastus (220mm x 170mm Oval) available in 9mm and 12mm thick options.  


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Each of these MDF bases have been hand prepared from moisture resistant MDF using a speciality water based primer to seal the base material and provide a plastic like surface to model upon. 

Your plinths have each been sanded but will arrive with surface imperfections due to the nature of the base material. 


These bases are ready for you to model upon, it is recommended to rough up any surfaces you wish to glue to using a coarse sand paper. It is recommended to screw, pin or bolt up into the titan model to ensure a secure connection to the base. Aside from that these are ready to spray with your choice of primer and finish. 


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Every effort is taken to prevent bubbles, although time to time some small bubbles will remain. Supplied unpainted.