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Mini Titan Missile Racks - 3D printed product

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3d printed Mini Titan Missile racks compatible with 8mm scale Reaver titan. Three variants available to choose from.

Due to nature of 3d printing and the unknown results of each print run, from time to time I will have misprints available to purchase. These misprints can be warped, misaligned or have a larger than acceptable build lines. Rather than throwing these away and wasting the time and materials used, they will be available far cheaper than the standard prints.


Designed for use with 8mm scale Reaver titan


Although we keep a small quantity of these products in stock high demand can increase shipping lead times. We will always aim to produce products for orders in a timely manner, usually 1-2 days.


Due to the nature of 3d prints build lines and support holes will be present and some clean up, filling and preparation will be required. Not suitable for inexperienced modellers. Surfaces can be sanded with fine grit wet and dry and filled with epoxy putty, always wear PPE when modifying and cleaning resin. Glues with superglue. Product will deteriorate if left unpainted in sunlight. 


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