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Fire Resilient Concrete Skull

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Cast from a fire resilient concrete mix these skulls are suitable for use in firepits, bonfires, fireplaces or simply as ornamentation. Although they are resistant to fire these are designed to sit on the boundaries of a fire and not within it as this will cause excessive heating of the skull and can overtime result in cracking and degrading. 

Each skull has been hand cast and cured prior to having an initial firing in our own firepit, and will arrive charred and smelling of smoke. This ensures moisture has been drawn out of the finished piece. If the material gets wet it is recommended to slowly dry it out around a lit fire. SKULLS WILL GET HOT when used in and around a fire, pick up with tongs. 

Each skull measures 9cm x 9cm x 11cm (W,H,L) some skulls will have small broken sections from the casting process but no skull will arrive with excessive damage. 

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