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Chaos Terminator Backdrop Plinth - Digital Files

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Having handmade my own Chaos terminator backdrop plinth the feedback was incredibly positive and the requests could not be ignored. Rather than go through the process of producing a physical item it seemed far more logical to offer it as a digital download. The plinth measures 60mm wide with a 75mm backdrop, the platform gives enough space to place figures and is complete with diamond grid and rivets. The pre-supported has not been test printed but is set up for printing on a sonic mighty 4k. 


After downloading these files you are welcome to use them for any personal projects you wish.
We do not permit creating derivatives and/or redistribution of our files, and especially reselling or otherwise commercial redistribution of our files and/or printed parts created from these files. Not only does that a breach of this license, it directly harms the business and is pretty rude. If you want to print one for friends get them to purchase the file, it helps this business out and means they "own" their own copy. 


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