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Knight Titan Missile Pack - Digital STL

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Knight Titan Missile Pack compatible with both questoris and dominus knights as well as 6mm scale reaver titan. Three variants supplied with multiple options for mounting and modelling. This pack is designed to allow you scaling and conversion opportunities. Supported Files included - we are not responsible for failed prints due to supported files. We test print all models and adjust files based on results but all printers / resins produce different outcomes.


Scaled and designed for use with questoris or dominus knights and 6mm reaver titan, but can be easily rescaled or repourposed to suit any use you may have. 


After downloading these files you are welcome to use them for any personal projects you wish.
We do not permit creating derivatives and/or redistribution of our files, and especially reselling or otherwise commercial redistribution of our files and/or printed parts created from these files. Not only does that a breach of this license, it directly hurts the business I have worked so hard to create.


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